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AMD101 topical ophthalmic products to avoid injections for AMD

Facilitate and assist R&D activity

Assist corporate development for start-up companies


Jun 2023

Jan 2023

Nov 2022

Oct 2022

Jun, 2022

Dec, 2021

Apr, 2021

Dec 2020

Jul, 2020

Dec, 2019

Feb, 2019

Jun, 2015

Attending BIO 2023 in Boston

Presentation at Biotech Showcase in San Francisco (1/11/23, 10:30AM)

Japan patent for SCR101 topical skin products granted.

Head office in Palo Alto, California (San Francisco Bay Area)

A new PCT patent application for AMD101 topical ophthalmic products published

Re-domiciled California LLC registration to Delaware

Japan patent for AMD101 topical ophthalmic products issued.

Extensive pre-clinical activities to develop AMD101 topical ophthalmic products

US patent for SCR101 topical skin products issued.

Participated in an annual conference of Japanese Retina and Vitreous Society.

Presented AMD Therapeutics at RINK Festival in Kawasaki-City, Japan.

Registered AMD Therapeutics LLC in California

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