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AMD101 topical ophthalmic products

Active ingredient

Small molecule compound which has been safe in human for more than 30 years

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Target indication
Age-related Macular degeneration (AMD)
Patients with AMD lose vision acuity.  More than 3 million patients suffer from AMD in US.


Inhibition of VEGF and neovascularization


Pre-clinical model efficacy
Highly specific inhibition of neovascularization in the back of the eye.

Delivery to the back of the eye
An order of magnitude greater than effective dose of the active ingredient was delivered to the back of the eyes by topical application in rabbits and monkeys.

Current therapies
Lucentis and Eylea each with billions in sales require an injection into the vitreous of the eye because they are protein products.  Many patients fear the pain of the repeated intravitreal injections.   AMD101 is a topical product that utilizes the same approach as the established drugs, inhibition of VEGF.  Home treatment using AMD101 topical ophthalmic products will be available for the disease when the products will be approved for marketing.

Dec 2023  US patent for AMD101 topical ophthalmic products issued.
Dec 2023  A new PCT patent application for AMD101
 topical products published.
Jun 2022  A new PCT patent application for AMD101 topical products published.
Apr 2021  Japan patent of AMD101 topical ophthalmic products issued

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